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Jim Bernardi has been recognized as "The Consummate Fixed Operations Expert by Automotive
Executives Worldwide". He has over 34 years of experience in Fixed Operations Recruiting, Training,
Management and Marketing. He has been a contributing author in several Automotive Magazines for many
years and is the Founder and Publisher of Automotive Dealers Network. Jim continues to travel the globe
educating Dealers and Manufacturers the importance of sales in Fixed Operations Management for his
Training Company: AutoPro Training Solutions. When he is not training a Dealer Group or a Dealership you
will find him as a Guest Speaker at many Dealer 20 Group Meetings. He offers real world solutions to
Dealers and Manufacturers in over 49 countries worldwide. He is always looking to better serve the
Franchised Automotive World. He continues to offer a 3 day Comprehensive Fixed Operations Performance
Review to Dealers and performs these reviews personally.

Email Jim at jbernardi@autoprotraining.com                            812-325-5651
I have had a working relationship with Jim Bernardi for
several years. Jim is one of the best in his field. He's dramatically
improved profitability in every dealership he has been in. I
recommend him to all my clients because of his expertise and his
track record but most importantly his integrity and
Tom Stuker, President, Stuker and Associates, worked directly with Jim at
AutoPro Training Solutions
Jim’s comprehensive knowledge of the industry combined
with his years of experience within it makes him a vital asset
to the automotive world. At Mudd Advertising, we look
forward to building a strong partnership with Jim that is
focused on achieving phenomenal results for clients and
continually drives the industry forward.
Jim Mudd, President, CEO, Mudd Advertising, was with another company
when working with Jim at AutoPro Training Solutions
I've had the pleasure of working with Jim and find him a
man of great character, a wonderful family man, a man of great
vision, and a credit to our industry. Well done, Jim! It's an honor
to know you!
Tom Wiegand, former National Sales Manager, DealerPro Group of Companies,
was a consultant or contractor to Jim at AutoPro Training Solutions
Jim's extensive knowledge of the automotive industry
and solid leadership skills speak for themselves. He has
earned a well-deserved reputation in the industry for his
professional expertise and strength of personal attributes.
Jim was always a true pleasure to work with, and I personally
appreciate his professional advice and mentoring.
Mary Leach, Customer Relations Manager, Lexus of Northborough, worked
indirectly for Jim at Lexus of Northborough
"Jim Bernardi is one of those people you immediately feel good about on first meeting. He possess the qualities of sincerity and
a personal charisma. Jim Bernardi has the unique ability to dramatically increase the profitability of your fixed operations departments
with guaranteed results. I strongly recommend you consider bringing him to your dealership to work with your management at
improving profits and processes. An ultimate professional, Jim eats, drinks, and sleeps the retail automobile industry with a vast
depth of knowledge and the ability to translate it into profitability for his clients. He and I have worked together on several projects,
including http://www.ZieglerTV.com and I have no problem highly recommending him to anyone. Supremely confident in his ability to
make changes and move the needle on profitability, he guarantees his work...what more could you say? If Jim Bernardi says it...it's
going to happen.
Jim Ziegler, CSP, HSG, President, Ziegler Corporations - worked directly with AutoPro
“Jim Bernardi is passionate about his business and his life -- and
works diligently to ensure he is providing the best service integrity,
flexibility and ability to aggressively tackle challenges makes him a
pleasure to know and work with!”

Joel Shuflin, Publisher, Dealer Communications
“Jim Bernardi has shown me an impressive ability to organize and
launch a new electronic newsletter venture in a a highly professional and
efficient manner. He has demonstrated a remarkable talent for pulling
together many different components into a cohesive operational
structure that many others would struggle with. I recommend Jim
because of his unique combination of talent and strategic thinking
Ralph Paglia, Director-Digital Marketing, ADP Dealer Services
consultant to AutoPro